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Malmin’s Fantasy Finds – Week 6

Does your fantasy team need help? Have you lost a key player to injury? Every Wednesday, I will bring you the top sleeper picks for the upcoming week in fantasy football that could positively influence your matchup and some players that could sink your team if you make the mistake of playing them.

Let’s not talk about this last week. I know what happened; you know what happened. Let’s all move past it. I’ll do better this week.


Jeremy Kerley (Wide Receiver – San Francisco 49ers): With 22 targets in the last two weeks, it is clear that quarterback Blaine Gabbert has a favorite target. He has 14 points ( standard scoring) in both of the last two weeks, and he looks like he can be a solid fantasy WR in the upcoming weeks. One thing to be wary of is the fact that there is some indication that Colin Kaepernick may start as quarterback instead of Blaine Gabbert. If this happens, Kerley becomes a big question mark.

Cole Beasley (Wide Receiver – Dallas Cowboys): Much like Kerley, it looks like Cole Beasley has become his quarterback’s favorite target. This is a risky pick with Dez Bryant coming back from injury, but in weeks that both have played, Beasley has gotten more targets. I think Beasley will keep up his high level of play as the Cowboys take on Green Bay next week.


Jay Ajayi (Running Back – Miami Dolphins): A player who had a lot of hype coming into the season but ultimately lost carries to Arian Foster, it looks like he finally might be getting something going. Ajayi’s window is small with Foster hurting, but with 13 carries last week he looks like someone you can depend on for next week as the Dolphins play the Steelers.

Dak Prescott (Quarterback – Dallas Cowboys): Dak Prescott is nothing short of consistent so far this season, which is about all you can ask for from a rookie quarterback. Dak has been stellar, putting up more than 25 points twice in the last three weeks. If you need a quarterback, Prescott looks like he is a dependable choice to fill that role.

C.J. Spiller (Running Back – Seattle Seahawks): This was my major blemish last week, naming Spiller to this list while he was on a bye week. Oh well. The Seahawks will be back this week against a strong Falcons team. I expect a bit of a higher scoring game and think that Spiller should poach a few touchdowns. He has shown explosive tendencies and can break games open with his playmaking ability.


Sammie Coates (Wide Receiver – Pittsburgh Steelers): Coates put up 30 points last week, a task that is not easy to duplicate. I don’t know if he will even reach the 10-point mark next week, as he is still the number three receiver. Stay away if possible for Week 6 as the Steelers play Miami.
Tyrell Williams (San Diego Chargers): He exploded in Week 5, but I don’t think this is a sign of what’s to come. The Chargers are wildly inconsistent, with the offense running through a different player weekly. Stay cautious.


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