9 conspiracy theories that explain the Sunset Deck tower

Last night, a Tetris tower of chairs stood on Sunset Deck and stayed until it was dismantled this morning. No one has stood up and taken credit for being Loma’s very own Bob the Builder, and until they do, here are some theories as to how the tower came to be:

1. A really tall man decided to play an elaborate game of Tetris.


2. A group of people were possessed by a cheerleader’s spirit, formed a human pyramid, and defaced some property to be rebellious.

3. One really tall man got on the shoulders of another really tall man and hilarity ensued.

shoulder riding

4. The cats allied with the lice, developed opposable thumbs and delved into modern art.

draco cat

5. Aliens.


6. Madame Tingley’s spirit left Cabrillo and haunted a crane from the construction zone.

madame tingley

7. Slender Man upgraded from drawings to sculpting.

slender man

8. The Hogwarts kitchen elves came to enjoy some SoCal weather and be impish.


9. Roary the Sea Lion came back and has a vendetta.

roary the sea lion