8 things you shouldn’t say to a pre-med biochemistry major

Okay pre-med biochemistry majors, this one’s for you.


1. You need to take a break sometimes!!!
Clearly you do not understand.

2. You have a lab report? I have a research paper due next week too!
I’ll trade you.

3. I only got five hours of sleep last night!
That’s more than I’ve gotten this week.

4. Chemistry is so easy!
I’m sorry, when was the last time you took it? 8th grade? Stop talking.

5. Don’t you want to have kids?
Last time I checked, studying science doesn’t disintegrate your uterus.

6. There are easier ways to make money!
Trust me, money’s not why I’m doing this. No monetary compensation is worth this.

7. But you are NORMAL!
You don’t know me.