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49 thoughts everyone has at Naz Night

Last Friday night, PLNU hosted Naz Night at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and here’s what we thought about it:

1. Traffic. So much traffic.

2. I regret riding with people I only met last week in World Civ.

3. These full grown men really love Rihanna.

4. They’re all singing along.

5. This is going to be a long car ride.

6. Shout-out to everyone else who saw the random blow-up Frankenstein on top of the Halloween costume store.

7. How much music has Rihanna even released? *one visit to Wikipedia later* Wow, that’s a lot.


8. This is the second time I’ve heard “Umbrella” in the past two hours.

9. Oh look, we’re here.

10. I love Naz Night.

11. I love Loma events.

12. I heard they’re getting a snake for Fall Ball. I also heard they might get a parrot handler who does Johnny Depp impressions.

13. Probably not.

14. Speaking of Johnny Depp, I just saw that guy who looks like Jack Sparrow. I think his name is Tyler.

15. “When the world says no way, I say YAHWEH.” #overheardatnaznight

16. Just let me in already!

17. Peeps tryna take my picture at the start is for beginners.


18. I heard colossus caught fire the other day. I wonder if that made anybody rethink the deliberate flames on X2. I hope not. Those people would be stupid. X2 is not made of wood.

19. I’m currently sprinting straight to X2 to be the first one on.

20. I’m currently getting passed by a group of high schoolers.

21. I’m currently getting passed by pretty much everyone.

22. I don’t even know where I am. The signs are confusing.

23. I ended up at Viper. :/


24. First one in line though!

25. Why do I feel the urge to buy adolescent had styling gel?

26. I’m gonna ride Gold Rush…

27. … said no one ever.

28. I want funnel cake.

29. I cannot afford funnel cake.


30. There’s no way all these ride attendants are as happy as they seem.

31. Just overheard someone say, “Are we in Oakland?”

32. First ride. YOLO.

33. Am I the only person who has random thoughts filled with emotional detachment in the middle of roller coasters?

34. Longest line in the park: Panda Express.

35. Drop of Doom is closed.

36. What.

37. The.

38. #$%^&*.


39. Praise God we can ride roller coasters in the name of Christ.

40. Naz Night is why I’m not a Methodist.

41. Why am I craving M&M’s?

42. There’s no way Goliath was that big of a person. Such an unbiblical portrayal.

43. I forgive you Six Flags.

44. Back to the car.

45. Smells a little. No Rihanna though.

46. No music at all.

47. I feel good about tonight.

48. Slightly uncomfortable with person next to me’s head on my shoulder…

49. … but mostly just peeved I didn’t put mine on his first.

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