11 reactions that Lomans can relate to, as told by Taylor Swift

Let’s face it, if you can’t apply a Taylor Swift song to it, you’re not thinking hard enough.

1. Realizing that it’s your junior year and you need to get your act together.

nothing in my brain

2. …and because you stay up too late, not understanding anything your professor says in class.

lol what


3. P.E.? …In college?



4. Passing the peace of Christ.


5. When someone takes the last cookie in the caf:



6. Standing in the first row of chapel during worship.


7. When a teacher calls on you in class by your name because this is Point Loma and our professors know our names.


9. Staring out the window at the ocean while you’re stuck in class.


10. To that cute worship leader you’ve been eyeing at chapel.

blow kiss

11. Dancing with your BFF at Loma dances….always be sure it is Loma appropriate.

dancing with lorder