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Surfer of the Week- Jason Schuck

“I am actually from Huntington Beach, but hate to admit it! I went to school in San Francisco for two years and love to call it home, but really home to me is wherever my friends and family are. I transferred to Point Loma for the sun, good surf, and close relationships. I am constantly striving to feed my passion of carpentry by building new things like skateboard ramps or handmade Jenga sets.”

Age: 21

Years Surfing: 18

Current Residence: San Diego, California

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Favorite Surfboard Right Now: Gato Heroi – Death Dagger

What’s your favorite wave and what’s your dream wave?

“My favorite wave right now is Leo Carrillo and my dream wave would be Leo Carrillo when it’s not crowded.”

Favorite Surfer: Ari Browne

Instagram: @leftmyheartin_san_francisco


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