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Intramurals Help Strengthen College Communities

What is the purpose of college intramurals? According to Randolph-Macon College, “intramurals are sports program that promote a healthy lifestyle for students, faculty and staff by providing a variety of athletic activities in which all persons can participate regardless of their degree of athletic ability.” While that is an accurate description of what they are, intramurals are also way more than that. Not only do intramurals provide students an outlet for healthy living, participants can benefit socially which helps strengthen college communities. College intramurals can be a positive outlet for students to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

There are numerous intramural sports to be played at PLNU. Intramurals are like a vending machine, where you can get what you are feeling on any day. If you feel like playing basketball on Monday, soccer on Wednesday and tennis on Friday, then you can. You aren’t stuck to one sport, you have numerous options to find the sport that you enjoy and identify the most with. If you aren’t one for winning and losing there are non competitive alternative options as well. There are Aerobics classes, Cross Fit strength and conditioning classes along with yoga and Zumba.

I have been playing intramurals since my freshmen year and it has helped me in so many ways. I have met so many awesome people through these activities. Playing Intramurals allows you to branch out and met new people that you never knew had the same hobby and passion as you. Before playing intramurals, I would just go to the gym and play pick-up basketball with my fellow classmates. It was fun, but it left me feeling underwhelmed at times. It was not until I started playing Intramurals that I felt excited to play and compete against my fellow classmates.

It is the opportunity to have bragging rights over your classmates and talk a little trash about being intramural champion.

Another reason why intramurals have a positive effect on students is that it allows them to rekindle the passion and love that they had for a sport that played all of their lives but had to stop playing. The probability of competing in sports beyond high school is extremely low. For sports such as basketball, football, basketball, and soccer the odds of playing collegiately are under 3 percent. Not everyone becomes a college athlete and intramurals allows participants to still get the experience of playing a game they love.

WeDemBoyz is the name of my intramural basketball team that I have been on since my freshmen year. Being on the team has allowed me to make some great friends. My friends Garrett, Elijah Bryce, Clayton, Chris, Josh, Vinny and Drake have helped me become better on and off of the court. Intramurals can give the same thing to so many others.

Intramurals were made to engage the community through something that we all love in sports.

Intramural allow us to connect and befriend people who might be a different race, denomination religion, or gender than you. Intramurals allow to be a part of team when sometimes you might not feel like you are a part of one. If you feel like you don’t fit in or have any friends, intramurals are great place to start feeling like you belong at Point Loma.

In addition to helping participants make friends intramurals can help improve time management as participants have to plan and prepare games along with events. Intramurals also help emphasize the importance of teamwork and cooperation which are two very important factors that students will need if they want a job and be a part of the workforce.

I would recommend participating to intramurals to everyone. Intramurals are a great way to live a healthy lifestyle and make new friends while enjoying your favorite sport. There is really something for everyone.


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