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Surfer of the Week – Caleb Howard


Caleb Howard came to Point Loma Nazarene University in the Spring Semester of 2016 from West Valley College in San Jose, California. Caleb is known in the water for his powerful and fast surfing. He’s able to attack the lip of a wave in ways unimaginable. From the back, buckets of water seem to explode from the face of the wave as Caleb sends himself flying down the wave, head bobbing up and down, as he prepares to rip apart the face of the wave in a merciless fashion. As a Santa Cruz native and goofy-footed surfer, Caleb is well-accustomed to going backside on waves and shows off his years of experience, surfing through a land full of waves meant for regular-footed surfers. His powerful surfing ability makes him one of Point Loma’s several pronounced surfers. Although, his aggressive approach to tearing a wave apart might seem intimidating, his smile and laugh as he paddles back from a freight train of waves will put you at ease and in light spirits.

Age: 21

Years Surfing: 17

Current Residence: Flex Housing

Major: Societal Communications

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California

Favorite Surfboard Right Now: “I’m currently riding a new flyer shaped by Al Merrick, but I’ve gotten the chance to ride an old Mark Richardson twin fin shape and those things are borderline magic”

What’s your favorite wave and what’s your dream wave? “There are tons of hidden waves around nooks and coves in Santa Cruz, but to this day I still think Rincon has to be my favorite wave. I’m a goofy footer, so this answer might surprise some people. As for my dream wave to myself, I’d probably just make Rincon a left point break rather than a right point break. Either that or I’d just want a throaty barrel all to myself, something like Skeleton Bay out in Africa.”

Favorite Surfer: “Tom Curren is the GOAT. A lot of people will say Kelly, because he’s quite literally the most perfect surfer, but Curren was never an athlete;, he’s an artist. I appreciate style more than anything. As for guys I mold my surfing after, I try to surf top to bottom like Bobby Martinez and Donavon Frankenreiter. All the weird boards like bonzers and twin fins they ride and rip on is something I strive for.”


Social: @kalepower


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