10/04 Crossword



4. A papier-mâché container, typically made in the shape of a popular character, that is full of candy

5. A dog who helps solve mysteries (hint: two words)

11. ____ the platypus

12. SpongeBob SquarePants’ pink best friend

13. An electronic keychain that lets you raise your own pet

14. Chicken nuggets shapes as ancient creatures (hint: two words)

15. Nintendo character who sings the song “Peaches”


1. The character you can make of yourself on Nintendo’s Wii

2. A type of kick scooter that sparks

3. Cartoon Network show: “The Amazing World of ______”

5. Fun-shaped rubber band bracelets that you could trade with your friends at recess

6. A comic strip created by Charles M. Schulz

7. You can get these for free on July 11th

8. Fashion doll created by Ruth Handler

9. A group of superheroes that includes Robin, Starfire, Raven and more (hint: two words)

10. A toy car and track set owned by Mattel (hint: two words)



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