Women’s soccer reflects on season and recent travels

Women’s soccer recently took their bi-annual trip to Hawaii. There the women’s team played four teams in eight days. Senior Claire Mathews and freshman Morgan Pearce reflect on the trip and what it means for the rest of the season.

Mathews has played for PLNU all four years and was named captain this season. She plays center midfield and center defense and wears number six.

This is my senior soccer season and sometimes that is hard to grasp. I’ve played soccer for a long time and it’s weird to think my college career is concluding. Since training camp, I have been thinking a lot about how thankful I am to play. I have a healthy body that can run and jump around. I play soccer with over 20 encouraging and joyful girls who impact and inspire me more than they know. We practice on a pristine field that overlooks the Pacific Ocean every day. And now I am in Hawaii to play soccer?! Crazy! I am so blessed and so thankful.

The time in Hawaii has definitely brought the team closer. It is challenging to travel so far and play four games in eight days. Conditions like high humidity and muddy fields only make it more difficult. But I’m proud of the way each girl has embraced it. We have been playing as a team and working hard for each other. I think the team’s dedication and desire on the field has brought us closer together off the field. When we travel, we spend a lot of time together and I love learning more about my teammates (they are awesome people) and seeing their personalities shine. I can’t think of better souvenirs to bring back to Loma than some W’s and some awesome memories!

Pearce is part of the 2014 recruiting class that Head coach Tim Hall brought in this year. She plays outside and center defense and wears number 14.

The season thus far has exceeded my expectations. Coming onto the team, I wasn’t sure what my role would be. I am so lucky to be given time on the field because I have already gotten so much stronger as a player, both on defense and on the attack. As the season progresses, I am looking forward to a conference battle for first place. I think it is within our reach to win conference and go to nationals.

Scoring my first collegiate goal was so much better than I expected. As a defender, it is almost impossible to score. Seeing all my teammates’ faces after the goal and being crushed in a hug is definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

Being in Hawaii to play soccer with 20 of my favorite people is nothing short of a dream. Even though it is a lot of soccer in a short amount of time, we are still able to enjoy our trip and make memories that will last forever. I think that after Hawaii, we were able to prove that we can play in all types of weather and on all types of fields and still win. I have no doubt we will be able to carry this momentum with us into the following games. I am so excited to see how the rest of our season turns out.

Women’s soccer continues something here as they move on with their season. They will return to PLNU to play Northern California team Dominican this Thursday.


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