COVID-19 Opinion

Will You Move to Campus in the Spring?

Housing applications are due Oct. 25. Image courtesy of Rebecca Elliott.

Elaine Alfaro is  a first-year journalism major, who currently lives in her family’s home.

I really wish I could say yes. I went dorm shopping in July with the intention of moving on campus in the fall, but due to the course of the coronavirus, the things I bought sit in my parent’s basement pitifully waiting for the joyous day they will make it to a dorm room. I sit with them in the basement waiting for that day too. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will happen in the spring semester, and potentially not the fall semester of 2021 either.

 I currently live in San Diego with parents who are at high risk for the coronavirus. In having a conversation with them about the housing application, our concern was the same: I would not be able to see them because of my exposure on campus. When this housing application came out and I saw the deadline to turn it in, I was quite frankly heartbroken. This entire semester I told myself, “March. March is when I will finally move in.” But now that I have to make the decision by the end of this month, I am realizing this hopeful settlement about the future cannot be determined right now. 

March is five months away. If PLNU is rising in positive COVID-19 cases right now and we are also going into flu season, what will the state of our school look like in the new year and five months from now? I would still want to see my family on the weekends. However, at this time, I cannot make an informed decision to move on campus that will ensure my safety and the safety of my family. Granted, no one can. Although my age group has a greater likelihood of recovering from this disease, I can’t say the same for my grandmother and my high-risk parent. 

There are too many strings attached to my heart and my conscience to make the decision to move on campus for the spring. I am frustrated we have to decide right now. The safest route will mean keeping the dorm stuff in the basement.

Written By: Elaine Alfaro