Wellness Center Offers Free Flu Shot Clinic to Students and Faculty

Photo credit to Maya Sheridan.

The Point Loma Nazarene University Wellness Center offered a free flu shot clinic in Thomas Conference Room to students and faculty on Sept. 29 and Oct. 6.

Ellen Pearson, the nurse in charge of running the flu shot clinic, said that the success of mass COVID-19 vaccination clinics drove the center to host more flu shot clinics.

The clinic was available to staff, faculty and students, Pearson said. However, students can also set up an appointment and go to the Wellness Center to get a flu shot at any time. Opportunities for staff and faculty to get a flu shot on campus are only during clinics.

Both undergraduate nursing students and student volunteers in the Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program set up the clinic and administered the flu shots at six different stations. 

Rachel Davis, a fourth-year nursing major, said “The administration process is an intramuscular injection.”

Davis said she was able to use what she has learned in the nursing program to administer the flu shots to patients. 

“We learn it sophomore year in our nursing fundamentals class. We learn about the different needle sizes and how to administer them each,” said Davis.

The flu shots administered in the clinic are the same as those administered at a pharmacy or doctors office. Both Pearson and Davis said the flu shots were sent to PLNU by the state of California, allowing for a free flu shot clinic to be available on campus.

Davis said the brand they used is FLUARIX. 

“Everything was free, which is also great because when you go to CVS and stuff like that, sometimes the flu shots can be [$50 or $60], so it is really cool that it is all free for faculty,” said Davis.

On Sept. 29 the flu shot clinic saw an influx of patients, according to Davis. Davis stated they ran out of flu shots and had to close the clinic early.

According to Pearson, last year the flu came 10 weeks early. This year, they are expecting the flu to arrive two to three weeks early, so getting the clinic up and running as soon as possible was important to the Wellness Center. 

“I feel like actually giving immunizations makes me feel more like a real nurse and not just a student, so it was cool to be able to practice what we have been learning and help out the community in that way,” said Davis. 

Jenai Bryant, a second-year social work major, attended the flu shot clinic, too. 

“It was a super smooth process, I just came in signed a form and then got the vaccine like immediately,” said Bryant. “It was great, everyone was nice and professional. It didn’t hurt.” 

After completing the flu shot, Bryant was asked to sit down for 15 minutes for observation. Once she completed that, Bryant was free to leave the clinic. 

Pearson said the Wellness Center will continue to host events such as the flu shot clinic in October. They also have a health promotion specialist on staff and are working to plan various health promotion events that continue to discuss sexual health, wellness on campus and more. 

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