The Burrito Debate: All Wrapped Up, Five places to grab a burrito around PLNU

Outside of La Perla Cocina Mexicana #3 off of Rosecrans. Photo credit to Olivia Roberts.

With over 15 places to pick up Mexican cuisine within a three-mile radius of campus, there is no shortage of burritos for students to pick up. That said, there is a tough choice between where to continuously get the best bang for your buck or where to invest in the burrito that tops all the rest.  

Here are five places that Point Loma Nazarene University students commonly visit where you can indulge in San Diego’s signature cuisine: 

  1. La Perla Cocina Mexicana

Distance from PLNU: 2.3 miles

Average Burrito Price: $7.86

Closest to the Point Loma campus is La Perla Cocina Mexicana, this restaurant is tucked away in a corner just off Rosecrans St. 

If you are a fan of places that give you the so-called hole-in-the-wall feel, this place is for you. 

Second-year accounting major Danny Dewey said that he will typically always eat inside because of the cozy environment. Dewey also said that the extra salsa they offer is another plus of dining in. 

La Perla employee Aaron Montor said that he recognizes many of the customers who visit La Perla often and hopes to create a “healthy and family [friendly] environment” for them.  

  1. Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food

Distance from PLNU: 2.6 miles

Average Burrito Price: $15.74

Just a few streets down from La Perla is Tony’s Fresh Mexican Food. One of the biggest highlights of this spot is that it is open 24 hours. So, for those of you who are night owls and on the hunt for a late-night snack, Tony’s is open for you. 

First-year business marketing major Lilian Schindler said that one thing she likes is how convenient it is to go to Tony’s and how she can go through the drive-thru if she’s in a hurry.

Schindler also said that one of her “favorite memories” was when she would go to Tony’s after 8 p.m. Bible studies in the prayer chapel with friends. 

If you visit Tony’s, be sure to show your student ID to receive a discount on your meal. According to Tony’s employee Shayla Tabares, the owner of Tony’s was a student who now hopes to give back to his community.

“He wanted to give out student discounts to make life easier for you guys,” said Tabares. 

  1. Don Tommy’s Mexican Food

Distance from PLNU: 2.7 miles

Average Burrito Price: $10.85

Third on the list is Don Tommy’s which has been the talk among PLNU students over the past couple of years. Although the prices of their burritos are ever-changing and becoming more expensive, students still claim it is worth it. 

Hannah Stacy, a second-year communication studies major, said that despite her lack of appetite, the first meal she was craving after overcoming stomach poisoning was Don Tommy’s. 

First-year business management major Jackson Cole said apart from the tortillas being delicious, he and his brother had a great experience with the employees. According to Cole, as they were walking out the door, the employee who was busy cooking food stopped what he was doing to say “Thank you for coming, and see you next time.” 

Jasmine Maciel has only been working at Don Tommy’s for half a year but already is certain that customer service is her favorite part of her job. Maciel believes that the Don Tommy’s staff as a whole hope to create a “happy and stress-free environment.” 

  1. Cotija’s Cocina Mexicana

Distance from PLNU: 3.0 miles

Average Burrito Price: $10.71 

Immerse yourself in the Mexican culture that has traversed the border into San Diego by visiting Cotija’s Cocina Mexicana. With strings of flags lining the awning outside and tables decorated with tiles, this restaurant is the perfect place to sit down and spend some time. 

Second-year graphic design major Cascia Collings said that she went to Cotija’s on multiple occasions for dinner with all her roommates and loved the environment.

 “It was so cute. It felt very homey,” said Collings. 

  1. Ortiz’s Taco Shop

Distance from PLNU: 3.0 miles

Average Burrito Price: $10.33

Ortiz’s Taco Shop isn’t a new name to cross the lips of PLNU students. This eatery has been a fan favorite for many years and there must be a reason why. Whether it’s the food itself, convenience, or simply a student tradition, it’s worth giving it a try for yourself. 

Second-year multimedia communication major Carissa Cannon said Ortiz’s is her favorite place to go because “it’s not as greasy as the other burrito places and it just leaves you feeling good.” However, Cannon pointed out she goes there simply for the food rather than the ambiance or experience as a whole. 

According to Cynthia Rayo, who has worked at Ortiz’s for five years, on multiple occasions, students have picked up burritos to bring back home to Alaska or Hawaii because “they love them so much.”

So, next time you feel your hunger strike, visit one of these spots and see what your fellow students are raving about.