Super Bowl 58 Breaks Records On and Off the Field

By: Jonathan Raditsas

In the final moments of Super Bowl 58, quarterback Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to victory with a three-yard touchdown pass to wide receiver Mecole Hardman Jr. This consecutive Super Bowl victory made NFL history. The last team to secure consecutive Super Bowl victories was the Patriots in 2003-2004. Super Bowl 58 was a game that will be remembered for broken records, in and out of the sphere of football. 

This Super Bowl was considered the most-watched program in American television history, averaging over 123 million viewers, including both television and streaming services. The seventh-longest game in NFL history opened with a stagnant match-up of offensive and defensive pressure from both sides leading to overtime. 

The 49ers rookie kicker Jake Moody set a new precedent early in the game by kicking a 55-yard field goal that not only put the first points on the board but also broke the record for the longest successful field goal attempt in a Super Bowl. The Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker, fired back with a successful 57-yard field goal, breaking the field goal record set earlier in the game. 

The 49ers second-year quarterback Brock Purdy, who was the last pick in the draft of 2022 and nicknamed “Mr. Irrelevant,” was the center of debate among the announcers. With his youth, they were unsure of how he would handle the pressure of performing in the Super Bowl. Purdy put his skills on display during the high-pressure game, remaining calm and focused throughout the tense matchup. Closing out the seasons with over 60.1% passing completion average. 

The 49ers offensive unit pulled off a trick play that included a double pass from Purdy to wide receiver Jauan Jennings to running back Christian McCaffrey that led to a 21-yard touchdown to put San Francisco up 10-0. 

The late-game comeback was a staple of the Chiefs’ play style this season. Kansas City ended up winning the game 25-22, making Mahomes the first quarterback who has won three Super Bowls as a starting quarterback and received two NFL MVP awards before the age of 30. 

The famous crossover between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce drew many new eyes to this year’s Super Bowl. Swift made a few appearances on the jumbotron in support of Travis. The couple celebrated the victory with an embrace and kiss that has garnered millions of views culminating between the various platforms where it has been shared. 

The advertisements in the Super Bowl are watched and scrutinized with almost as much tenacity as the football game itself. Super Bowl 58 was no different. Many A-list celebrities joined the commercial lineup this year. The highlights include Beyonce teasing new music titled “Act 2” and Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Jennifer Lopez appearing in a Dunkin Donuts commercial. People magazine ranks the number one ad as the commercial done by State Farm, which included heavy hitters Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito. 

Forbes highlights that 26% of Americans were expected to bet on Super Bowl 58, estimating that $23.1 billion was in circulation among bettors on this year’s big game, which is a 35% increase from last year’s bets. The highly anticipated prop bet of what color Gatorade would be poured on the game-winning coach; purple Gatorade was the winner.