New York celebrates Derek Jeter

Here is a sneak peak at a reflection from The Point’s staffer, Brittany Naylor on her time in New York, where she bar hopped to find the best fans for Derek Jeter’s final game. Read the rest in Monday’s Point.

It was raining. Of the five days I was in New York City, it was only on Thursday, Sept. 25, that the city saw any sign of rain. USA Today joked that it was the heaven’s way of mourning the last game Derek Jeter was to ever play at Yankee’s stadium.

Jeter has played shortstop for the Yankees for the past 19 years, six of which he served as the team captain, the longest time of any Yankee player. In his baseball career, he’s played 2,903 games, including postseason, and is known for not once being ejected.

He holds title to multiple Yankee records: the most doubles, most runs, most stolen bases, and broke Lou Gehrig’s record for most hits with his last home game against the Orioles with 2,272.

In a way Jeter has become synonymous with New York, as much a part of the city as the Empire State Building. To be in New York City when Jeter retired from playing shortstop is to see a city full of pride; well, most of the city.

The Public House is a restaurant and bar a block south east of Grand Central Station. With its granite bar top, low lighting and crescent nooks for booth seating, it befits the business-like clientele that frequent it. Here the name buzzing around the bar wasn’t Jeter, it wasn’t even the Yankees.

When this loyal group of baseball watchers found out that I wanted the authentic experience, they pointed me to a place called Stan’s Sports Bar, a street down from Yankee’s Stadium in the Bronx. “If the Yankees win, that’s where the party will be at,” said Joseph, between cheers for Jeter. Stan’s is where Jeter filmed his Gatorade commercial, Joseph said.

At the bottom of the seventh with the Bronx 30 minutes away from the Public House in uptown Manhattan, it was pressure getting to Stan’s in time, but it was worth the risk. [See the video to find out what she means.]



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