Poetry Corner: To love a mystery

There remained no doubt in his mind
Women were an incredible, fascinating mystery
Not like the ones within the pages of a book
But one with indescribably more complexity

Just as he thought this, the old man reentered the room
They had spent the last three hours discussing her
However, the old man demanded coffee before they continued
The younger man once again started on her mysterious allure

It wasn’t so much so that she was more attractive
But rather that there was something entirely different
He had never met a girl quite like her before
She was, in the most plain description possible, magnificent

The old man listened intently
It had been a long time since he had first been in love
He gazed over to the picture on the nightstand
For 47 years his wife convinced him there was in fact a God above

When the younger man was finished
The older man gazed directly into his eyes
Eyes could tell a lot about a man
They could separate truth from euphoric lies

In the younger man’s eyes he only saw conviction
Unwavering, resolute, complete determination
For the first time in his young life, he was actually in love
The old man held him in deep adoration

He spoke in a voice barely above a whisper
A woman’s love is a love of unspeakable enormity
Yet, even when you think you fully understand her
Parts of her still remain a complete mystery

This is what makes her so incredible, he continued
The more you learn about her, the more you will love her
It’s a love that is so complex, yet so simple
And, my son, it is absolutely perfect; of that, I am absolutely sure

Wehr is a junior finance major who enjoys writing, a good book and playing volleyball.