Pets and their People at Point Loma (Part 2)

Makena on her walk (her human, Ray, not pictured). Taken near Cabrillo. Photo credits: Clara Wilks

Caitlin and Lucy

Photo caption: Lucy near the track. Photo credits: Clara Wilks

Caitlin lives in Sunset Cliffs, and she sometimes comes to Point Loma Nazarene University’s campus to run with her dog, Lucy.

Lucy is a Vizsla who will be four years old in July, and she is Caitlin’s first dog.

Caitlin said that Vizslas are pointing dogs, “So, it’s cool that Point Loma High has the Pointers as their mascot.”

Caitlin got Lucy from a breeder when she was six and a half weeks old. Since Lucy has a red coat, Caitlin said Lucy’s name is a tribute to Lucille Ball.

“In fact, for Halloween her first year I had a custom-made Lucille Ball costume made for her,” said Caitlin. “I went as Ethel, and then my boyfriend, her dad, went as Ricardo.”

Caitlin said that her significant other, Michael, grew up across the street from the Point Loma campus. She said she has enjoyed being able to take the walks that he took when he was younger, especially with Lucy.

It is about a 15-minute walk to the PLNU campus for Caitlin and Lucy, but Caitlin said, “The views say it all.”

Caitlin said she likes being able to look out at the water while the sun is setting. She also said that she enjoys walking around the campus because she finds it calming.

Caitlin said if Michael is with her, then sometimes Lucy and Michael will sit out by the track while she runs. Sometimes, they will just walk through the campus.

While Caitlin is from Philadelphia, she came out to San Diego about seven years ago for a job at a sports and endurance company. However, she recently graduated with her MBA from Johns Hopkins University and is working in healthcare communication. She can do her job from home, so she said she really likes being able to take meetings while on walks with Lucy.

Caitlin said that she has noticed a lot of special things about Lucy, but one thing that stands out is her ability to give unconditional love to so many people. “It’s kind,” said Caitlin.

Lucy is very popular, especially at Little Lion Café in Ocean Beach.

“She has her own treat jar behind the counter with her name on it,” said Caitlin. “She’s my local celebrity.”

Ray and Makena

Makena on her walk (her human, Ray, not pictured). Taken near Cabrillo. Photo credits: Clara Wilks

Ray is a San Diego native and lives a few blocks away from the PLNU campus. He walks his almost four-year-old dog, Makena, on campus multiple mornings a week.

He said he chooses to walk here not only for the views and because of the location, but also because he likes the college environment.

During Ray’s last job, he worked for San Diego State University for eight or nine years as the budget and finance director. And before that, Ray said he was the CFO for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

Now, Ray has time to do other hobbies. “I’m never bored.”

He said he does a lot of woodworking. He cycles. And he even makes his own wine.

When it comes to Makena, she is named after one of Ray’s favorite places: a cove called Makena in Maui, Hawaii.

While Makena has never been to her namesake, she is what Ray calls a “Mexi-mix.” Ray said that she is a rescue from Baja.

Ray ended up doing two DNA tests on Makena because initially, they thought she had a lot of lab in her. However, the DNA tests showed that she had no lab in her at all.

“We actually did two of them because I didn’t believe the first one,” said Ray.

The test showed that she has about eight to ten different breeds, but she is mainly springer. She also has several different terrier mixes.

“She barks more than any dog I’ve had,” said Ray. “She gets kind of protective when she’s in her house.”

Ray said that he’s had dogs his whole life, and his favorite breed is the malamute. While Makena sheds year-round, the malamutes shed twice a year. Ray said that his wife got tired of all the hair from the malamutes.

“Close your ears Makena,” said Ray. “She’s probably not my favorite dog out of the ones I’ve had, but she’s a good dog.”