Five ways to stay healthy/unhealthy during midterms

It’s midterm season. And that means enough stress to bring even the healthiest people to the brink. Instead of the usual downing of Emergen-C right before the big exam or every morning in the Caf, try your luck at some of these more relaxing endeavors. #youllthankuslater

Five ways to stay healthy during midterms

1. Take a dip in the ocean. Salt water soothes the soul.

2. Eat lots of oranges. Vitamin C upholds your immune system. When you have a strong immune system, you’re less likely to get sick.

3. Spend time outside. Seek out the Alumni Lawn bench or the Fermanian Lookout Point for some fresh air.

4. Do not sit in the same position for more than 15 minutes. Every so often, get up and walk around or stretch out your legs.

5. Go to sleep early. You need at least eight hours of rest for your brain to properly function.

Five ways to not stay healthy during midterms

1. Drink tons of caffeine to prevent a good night’s rest.

2. Keep the lights on all night long so it’s impossible for you to relax.

3. Make sure to always eat sugar. That way, you will avoid the sugar crash.

4. Avoid exercise because it makes your body ache.

5. Do not wash your hands or shower – it wastes time.