Event Highlight: Protest for Israeli Ceasefire Against Gaza

Quotes gathered outside of Brown Chapel on February 2, 2024 by Lilly Corcoran.

*Editor’s Note: In response to the request of someone included within a photo in this series, we have cropped a photo to exclude their image. The Point takes requests of this nature seriously and has made this change in an effort to minimize harm for the requester.

“I think all of us have been tired of the inactivity whether that be here at Loma or within the U.S. It’s been 75 years and 119 days of genocide and this is one way that we can make a stand and encouraging people to demand for a ceasefire and encourage people to continue to be aware of what’s going on in Palestine and the genocide that is happening.”

“I am disappointed in the lack of statements from our school. I don’t understand any red tape that might be around that. I have emailed faculty, the presidential board and no one has really said anything to me. Esteban [Trujillo] was the person who reached out and he said he represented all of the people I reached out to and the panel was planned shortly after that. I was promised that more things would be done after that, I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t reached out and planned anything but I hoped Loma would take more initiative.”

Maiah Rivas, fourth year environmental studies major

“I got a call that students were going to demonstrate and share concern for what is happening in Gaza and I think it’s been a long time coming. We’ve only had a couple of forums on campus and the war continues. Tens of thousands of deaths, tens of thousands of innocent deaths so I think honestly as a Christian campus you ask where Jesus would be in the midst of all of this and I think of the sermon that was preached in Bethlehem on Christmas day, it was called Jesus under the rubble. I think what students are doing here is they are stepping in a space where Jesus would step, which is with those who are suffering. And I think there is this grotesque suffering going on paid for by our U.S. tax dollars and I think standing here and saying no, not in my name, is a profound witness.”

“The forum was amazing and a couple of really key perspectives came out in understanding this as a much longer term issue than just this particular [incident] on October 7th… We’ve been doing things behind the scenes with the students who are most at risk and most vulnerable in this context so there is good work the university is doing behind the scenes, but nothing publicly. I think it was interesting that we came out with statements about Ukraine immediately and not a word at this point officially from the university. I’d be curious as to why.”

Jamie Gates, professor of sociology

“I’m out here because I care about all human rights and I feel like there is a violation of human rights of those in Palestine and I want to support the students who are standing up for human rights around the world.”

“I think just in general our nation has not done enough to elevate the plight of people who are suffering human rights abuses around the world.”

Marc Perry, professor of chemistry

“Honestly anytime there is a protest on campus we just want to make sure that everyone is safe and that we can de-escalate anything if tensions run high. We support students’ right to protest peacefully and within our guidelines and so we just want to make sure they are allowed to do that and that nothing escalates.”

Jake Gilbertson, dean of students

“We are protesting against the occupation of Palestine and the current bombardment on Gaza. We are here to show our support and solidarity for the Palestinian people and to break the silence that our school has put over this issue.[…] I think that all of us have been waiting for some way to either grieve collectively or to talk about what’s happening and it just hasn’t happened so we as students decided to take our own direction with it.”

“To anybody who thinks that this doesn’t affect us here in America I think just be aware that our government is funding what’s happening and our tax dollars are paying for it when there are so many issues in our own country.”

Makenna Givens, second year art education major