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Enough Gatekeeping, Here Are the Best Nap Spots on Campus

College can be an exhausting season of life even for the most laid-back and tranquil of students. Classes, homework, jobs and social calendars all demand time, and sleep often takes a hit. For those looking to catch a few winks in between classes, I’ve scoured Point Loma Nazarene University’s campus for the most comfortable and convenient napping places. Without further ado, here are the spots you should check out next time you start nodding off.

  1. The back of the mail room

Everyone’s heard of the Chapel Nap, but some students may dislike the lights, noise and chatter around them, while others may feel uncomfortable with disrespecting the speaker. I offer this alternative: the Mail Room nap. The back room is dimly lit, spacious and quiet in between the stacking of packages. If you were to tuck yourself into a bottom shelf (roomy and private!) your nap would be undisturbed for hours.

  1. The “L” in the PLNU sign on caf lane

Caf Lane is a bustling social hub on campus, affectionately referred to as the “fashion show” for PLNU students. Although it is outdoors, some students may find that the open air is relaxing, and the “L” block is perfectly positioned for a quick ten-minute nap between classes. It might even be physically located on the way to your next class, and you won’t have to make a detour! Don’t heed the “Do Not Sit” sign; it says nothing about not napping.

  1. The felted floor of Cabrillo Hall

Cabrillo’s origins as a building for the Theosophical Society may be familiar to some (especially the unforgettable character of Madame Tingley), but its prime location for naps is surely unknown to all. Cabrillo’s unique design and layout include a green felted floor that harkens to the lush rolling hills of golf courses, relaxing places that invoke feelings of calm and respite. The base of the stairs provides optimal neck support, but for those looking to avoid the rush of students climbing up and down those terribly proportioned stairs, there is a supply closet on the main floor, toward the right. Surprisingly roomy and perfectly dark, this nap location provides privacy and a measure of noise cancellation.

  1. On top of the Greek Amphitheater

This napping spot is slightly less accessible than others on this list, but the most determined of nappers will not be daunted. PLNU boasts some of the best college scenery in the U.S. with unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. Serious nappers will enjoy the warmth of the sun without the interference of trees. The slight incline on either side provides a slight challenge, but the tacky roof ensures the possibility of slippage is minimal. With some basic climbing equipment and a can-do attitude, you too can take advantage of the most exclusive nap spot on campus!

  1. The back row of the on-campus shuttle

Have you ever wanted to take a nap, but wanted to go for a walk at the same time? Tired of feeling unproductive and stuck in one place? Try this unique and versatile nap location: the on-campus shuttle! With its many stops and speed bumps, you’re guaranteed to never oversleep. You can be social and productive, hanging with your buddies and seeing all that the PLNU campus has to offer from the comfort of your seat. Bringing your own pillow is recommended, as the glass windows have no give to them, and neither does your head.

  • Bonus: The baseball pitching mound

No PLNU list would be complete without a nod to our fabulous ballpark. Voted “America’s Most Scenic Ballpark” by the Major League Baseball Association, this nap location is both famous and iconic. The fresh grass and calming views are the perfect ingredients for an optimal nap atmosphere, and you’ll be able to boast to your friends that you napped in a famous location. The baseball team practices from 1:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, so time your naps accordingly to be able to interact with our hard working baseball players.