Editor reflection: Louis Schuler

Hello one and all. I wanted to take this time to say thank you for reading the sports section this year. With this academic season marking the first for me as a sports editor, needless to say I had big shoes to fill. Last year, Tavis Robertson did an excellent job of bringing a variety of different sports news to the section by accumulating stories from virtually every team on campus. It was my goal to replicate and improve upon this from last year to the best of my ability.

It’s been a long year here at The Point, but a very entertaining and fun one regardless. The women’s soccer and basketball teams all played extremely well for us and it was a pleasure covering them along with all of the other teams. Indeed, the Sea Lions showed up this year on every team, regardless of the finishes—everyone put in a lot of effort and the results paid off.

This marking our first transition into the Division II level of play, it was exciting to see how we fared against other schools that were far bigger than us in student body. I hope you enjoyed reading the sports section this year and I am looking forward to writing for you next semester! I also wanted to thank all of the excellent editorial staff and our staff writers for exerting their efforts towards making stories that are interesting and fun for our readers.

If you have a story idea for the sports section or want to make a suggestion or statement of any kind, feel free to email at lschuler100@pointloma.edu.