Dorm Discussions to Digital Dialogues

Hosts of “Telos” podcast from left to right: Louis Silva, Paige Peterson, Stathi Davis.

By: Kaylie Shadburn 

A year ago, a student in Young Residence Hall walked into her friend’s room and told them she wanted to start a podcast. Today, it is published on Spotify with a growing audience of peers with 230 listeners this month. 

Leading the charge is Paige Peterson, a third-year environmental studies major, whose vision ignited the inception of the podcast. Joining her are Louis Silva, a third-year accounting major and Stathi Davis, a third-year international studies major. 

Together, they form the core trio behind “Telos,” a podcast that transcends mere conversation to delve into the realms of morals, life goals and faith.

Peterson said the project was a means to deepen her bond with her two friends and foster mutual growth as individuals. 

“We think Jesus, goals and fitness are all super important in living a healthy, fulfilled life,” Peterson said. “This podcast allows us to keep each other accountable and make them priorities each week.” 

Silva also thinks the project is great for their friendships. 

“It has been an awesome way just to make time for conversations that we might never get around to naturally,” Silva said. “We really record as if no one will ever hear what we are saying, sometimes that makes for funny moments, but also just allows us to say our thoughts and truly grow closer to each other.”

Peterson explained their motivation for documenting their conversations, expressing an additional desire for others to embrace their vision.

“Every week we talk about a topic such as journaling, rejection, habits, etc. and we share our own experiences hoping to connect and motivate others,” Peterson said. 

Davis sees the podcast as beneficial for other university students who share similar passions and values. 

“We know we can share God’s love through this initiative and show others the impact healthy goal setting has,” Davis said. 

In their most recent episode, titled ‘Simple,’ the trio talked about the benefits of digital simplicity. In this 27-minute discussion, they shared their experiences after deleting platforms like Instagram from their phones to simplify their screen time.

Silva discovered how much he gravitates toward clicking and scrolling in his free time.

“You naturally realize you typically go through like five different apps every time you go on your phone,”  Silva said. 

Third-year business administration student and incoming Associated Student Body president Colby Douglas was recently interviewed by the students for an upcoming episode and said he enjoyed talking to the trio. 

“Working with Stathi, Paige, and Louis was a treat,” Douglas said. “They asked real questions and we engaged in some really deep conversations.” 

After experiencing the interview process, he believes the group can turn their spontaneous idea into something great. 

“Their podcast is very new but if they keep working at it, I think they could have some great potential,” Douglas said. 

“Telos” is available on Spotify or Apple Music with new episodes every Friday.