Danny Barnts: The man behind the PLNU sports scene

Danny Barnts is the Athletic Department’s own personal superhero. He shows up at every game, match, meet and race armed with nothing but a camera and a smile. He sat down with The Point to discuss why he’s committed to PLNU Athletics.

The Point: Why do you go to every game? Is that a part of your job?

DB: I go to every game because I have to do different stats. That is my main duty according to the NCAA.

Why PLNU? Why this job?

DB: I couldn’t exactly define why I love this job, but I would just say this is a great place with great people who have great hearts.

What exactly is your job?

DB: I am the Assistant Athletic Director for Communications, which basically means I am in charge of the website and I create a lot of the visual images associated with PLNU Athletics. I also do a lot of the social media for the athletic department.

Where did you go to school?

DB: I actually went to Sacramento State for the first two years of undergrad and then graduated from Washington State in 2005. After that, I spent two years at graduate school at Boise State where I worked with the athletic department.

How is working at a big school like Boise State different than a small school, like PLNU?

DB: At Boise State, I would work with two or three teams, whereas here, I work with around 11 teams. Obviously it’s really fun to work at a big school where the football games bring in 45,000 fans, but I like working at a small school where you get to know each of the athletes well.

What brought you to PLNU?

DB: After I graduated from Boise State, I was hired by Russ Blunck at Western Oregon University. I worked with him for a year and then he got a job at PLNU. I stayed at Western Oregon for three more years and then Russ called and told me there was an opening at PLNU and I got hired.

What is your dream job?

DB: I don’t exactly know what the dream job would be; I’ve been so blessed with so many opportunities. I love working here and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Although the Major Leagues are always appealing.

What is your favorite aspect of your job?

DB: I love being able to get to know all of the athletes as individuals. It’s fun to be able to cheer on the team as a whole and to also cheer for each individual athlete to do their best.


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