Club Fair Kicks Off the Semester With New Ways for Students to Get Involved

PLNU's Point Radio club is excited about new club involvement this semester. From left to right: Jessica DeYoung, Karlie Anthony and Anna Novelo. Photo credit to Naomi Norton.

By: Naomi Norton 

As students strolled out of chapel and onto Caf Lane on Jan. 19, they were met with long lines of tables filled with new opportunities to engage in, and new friends to be made. Point Loma Nazarene University has over 50 clubs,  providing an opportunity for students to find their space. 

Clubs provide a way for PLNU students to engage with a group of peers who express similar interests to them. Club Fair is designed to showcase what each club has to offer and provides a face to engage with for interested students. Many popular PLNU clubs like “Knots of Love,” “Jesus Rocks” and “Spikeball Club” participated. 

Students can also start up a new club to cater to their own interests and respond to the demands of other students. Jake Mosteller, a second-year accounting major, recently started a club called “The Real Estate Society” on campus. 

“I’m excited to create a community around the area of real estate. I’ve talked to a lot of students here and there’s definitely a big interest in real estate, but there’s no outlet for it, so I am excited to bring this community together,” said Mosteller. 

A new asset to the PLNU club process has been the implementation of the myPLNU app. This app plays a major role in event announcements, member involvement and other key aspects of club advancement around campus. 

“The overall goal of myPLNU, as it pertains to clubs, is to improve the functionality of clubs so that they can better serve the student body, and engage as many students on campus as possible,” said third-year business major and Associated Student Body (ASB) Director of Student Relations, Colby Douglas. “I’m really excited for clubs to dive into myPLNU and to truly take advantage of it because I believe it will help them excel.” 

Each club has slowly been integrated into the myPLNU app for club events to be posted somewhere for all students to be able to see, as well as track member involvement. 

Many clubs are grateful for this new platform. Anna Novelo, a second-year media communication major, touched on her excitement for the “Point Radio” club this semester. 

“I am excited to watch it grow. We have a lot of projects coming up, a lot of things in store this semester and we are trying to make Point Radio become more known on campus, and I know that getting outreach with Instagram and the MyPLNU app is important,” Novelo said.

The PLNU Club Fair offered a way for every club to express their vision for the upcoming semester while connecting with the student body.