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Art on the Brain

Ask an art major what they’re doing after college graduation, and you are sure to receive a variety of answers. Traveling, grad school, moving to New York...


Gorn: The Gateway to the Virtual World

Game Details:Name: GornDeveloper: Devolver Digital Genre: VR first person brawlerMSRB( at time of writing): $19.99Platform: Oculus Quest(1&2), HTC Vive...


Sundays With Euphoria

Season two of HBO’s hit show “Euphoria” came to a close at the end of February and boy did this season create buzz. For eight weeks, students gathered with...


Savoring the Second Sip: Energy

With the looming threat of midterms coming through, it’s time someone takes a stand against quality health advice and advertises some high caffeine products to...


Musoffee: Behind The Stage

Once a month, live music and coffee bring Point Loma Nazarene University students together at Musoffee. Musoffee, which is a play on the words music and...