Alumni take on current student rugby club

The alumni held their 2014 annual alumni 7’s tournament Saturday against past and present players in the PLNU Rugby Club. Approximately 60 people, 30 current players and 30 alumni, showed up to play. Professor John Dally, the rugby club president from 2002-2004, enjoyed his time back on the field.

“It was a great day of rugby, and we had a fabulous time out on the field today,” Dally said.

Carlos Guerrero, one of the coaches of the club, said it was exciting to see the support of the alumni both financially. He said it was nice to see alumni back for two hours to relive their college days on the field, especially now that they’re parents and have families.

“I thought the game was terrific, it was great turnout by the alumni. Fantastic support, we’re in our thirteenth year now as a club, and each year the alumni has gotten behind us with financial support. So it’s allowed the club to grow and progress as well. We’re just thankful that they’re here to be a part of this.”

Louis Schuler assisted in this article.



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