7 things every college student should know

With my freshman year of college coming to an end, I decided to put together seven tips that can be used to make your college experience better and more affordable. Whether you’re about to attend college or already in college, here are seven things every college student should know.

1. You are only allowed to take out $5,500 worth of loans through the federal government without a credit check as a freshman.

– If you want to take out any more loans through the federal government, you can apply for the Parent Plus Loan that has over a 10 percent interest rate. Your parents need to cosign for it and they need to have good credit.

– If you get denied for it, the government will let you take out another unsubsidized loan for $4,000. Also your college offers a Perkins Loan through the institution, but the amount is all based on their discretion.

2. Never buy your books through the bookstore at your college. You can find them way cheaper through other sites. #Butthat’snoneofmybusiness.

Well actually it is my business and it’s yours as well. I have used websites like which lets you rent books from their site for a semester for a really low price. I was able to get all seven of my textbooks for only a little over $100! They also connect you with other sites that sell that same book for really low. A lot of colleges have Facebook textbook exchange groups which allows students to exchange books. is also a good site to use. (Click here PLNU’s Textbook Exchange Group)

3. Make sure you pick a college where you will fit in.

This isn’t high school; you should love the school you’re at. Also if you’re paying for it, you deserve to be happy. Sure you can probably tough it out, but why? Unless you have a good answer to that question, I would reevaluate your college choice so that you can have the best four years.

4. Make sure to make friends within the first month of school and not just superficial relationships.

Since you will be living with your peers, it’s important to make sure that you can make a few genuine bonds. College is going to get tough and it is vital that you have a good support system if you want to survive.

5. Make sure you have a well-organized planner or your professor will look at you like….

“I didn’t know” is not going to fly in college. Make sure you keep up with all your assignments and due dates.

6. Although you can party and have fun in college, make sure you find a balance between fun and academics.

– Remember why you took out loans and why you’re at college. Yes, you should have fun, but too much fun will make you end up with a low G.P.A which could make you lose scholarships.

– Also there are tons of other things you could do in college to have fun.

7.) If you’re having a rough time, don’t be afraid to reach out for help.

It’s important to ask for help sooner than later. Remember that you need to get your degree and the only way that is going to happen if you’re enjoying your time at your college. There are people out there who care. Talk to a school counselor or friend. If you need any advice, feel free to send me a message or leave a comment.