5 surf spot alternatives to Sunset Cliffs

Are you tired of paddling through all of that unrelenting, nasty seaweed to get to the waves at Sunset Cliffs? Well look no further! This list-for beginners and pros alike-will have you covered. Approximate travel time provided by MapQuest. Freshmen, make sure to carpool with your upperclassmen friends so you can tag along; and remember people…

1. South Mission Beach. A great place for beginners where the waves typically stay around 1-3 feet year round prior to winter. Approximately 10-15 minute drive.

South Mission Beach by the jetty. Photo cred:

2. Swamis (Encinitas). This spot can get out of control, so make sure to bring a surf buddy! Approximately 40 minute drive.

Swamis. Photo cred:

3. Ocean Beach (Dog Beach). Another great beginner spot where the waves typically stay at 2-3 feet year round prior to winter. Watch out for the dogs! Approximately 10 minute drive.

Photo cred:

4. Ocean Beach (by the pier). The waves can get HUGE in this area, so watch out, and surf at your own risk! Surf with confidence! Approximately a 10 minute drive.

Don’t be scared!

5. Pacific Beach. Another fun, recreational spot for beginner to intermediate surfers. This area can get crowded fast, so make sure to get there early! Approximately 20 minute drive.

That’s all for now, and always remember to…



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