20 fun facts you didn’t know about the men’s basketball team

The men’s basketball team has as much fun on the court as off. Here, they give students an in with some fun facts about themselves.

Coach Devin Ginty: I grew up without TV.

devin ginty

Zach Burnham: I wear a size 17 shoe.

zach burnham

Spencer Schulze: I ate a brownie once.

spencer shulze

Oivind Lundestad: I’ve played basketball in 14 countries.

oivind lundestad

Sam Okhotin: I play the violin.

sam okhotin

Hayden Lescault: (left handed) I was right handed until I was 6 years old.

hayden lescault

Junior Morgan: I love the wonderful air in Bakersfield.

junior morgan

Ben Maiava: I was born in Kansas but live in New Zealand.

ben maiava

Mike Planeta: I was the AR reading champ from kindergarten to 4th grade.

mike planeta

Coach Wil Bush: I was an extra in the movie, “Household Saints” when I was little.

wil bush

Trev Peterson: There are five kids in my family and we all ball out.

trevor peterson

Marek Klassen: I’m the best FIFA player on the team.

marek klassen

Coach Jordan Courneya: I appeared in a Broadway play called “Voca People.”

jordan Courneya

Coach Bill Carr: I went to Mount Rushmore last summer.

bill carr

Randall Jackson: I love summer nights in Bakersfield.
Emerson Castaneda: I used to play the drums.

emerson castaneda

Gerard Rivers: I placed 2nd in the California State Games in swimming and qualified for the Junior Olympics in breaststroke.

gerard rivers

James Walters: I asked Taylor Swift to homecoming.

james walters

Joe Elmquist: I have sat outside in -10 degree weather in nothing but shorts.

joe elmquist

Judd Welfringer: I’ve snorkeled with sea turtles in the Virgin Islands.

judd welfringer


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